Dear friends! With great pleasure we are ready to announce our first release! This stunning long-awaiting debut EP on Russian sound record label Welcome Music finally came out! Welcome Music owned by Arseniy Somotov and Igor Kordyukov is a new promising label with an serious aims has already done a great job! You can make sure taking a look at tracklist to see what a lovely and famous artists are gathered there! Blusoul, MDK, Rise And Fall! Harris Sgourdas is a great man, dj, producer who Initially had involved in progressive breaks and house musical industry, where quite soon conquered a success and gained respect! Currently makes unbelievable stuff under his alias Blusoul! He is even more than well-known around the globe like admirable Greek independent producer, remixer and dj! And the first masterpiece comes from him! His Code Talkers (Original Mix) sounds just amazingly, at expense of the marvelous vibe what are pleasant to the ear and impossible quietly listen to this treasure, because it makes us also want to dance! In fact this is so cheerful progressive house tune! The next incredible sound is the remix shown us by project 'Rise And Fall' aka Anton Vishniakov! Russian native standing out from the rest with the personal unrepeatable works what emphasizes its unique! His own tasty interpretation is going to really amaze and of course impress all, without an exception, fans and appreciators of deep and dark music. So solid work immerses you into endless ocean and do causes the desire listen to this over and over again! Just mesmerising theme! Lastly, it's time to shed some lights on another marvelous interpretation made by Andor Kovacs! This is awesome Hungarian musician is easy recognized among the listeners and lovers breaks and breakbeat music like MDK. 29-year-old breaks producer who fell in love with breaks since the moment when he'd started make music. And now he offers us his own the rich remix filled with fantastic groovy rhythm during listening. One more work what deserves better than delight! Definitely the united forces of different genres on this EP bring them own interpretation. We should judge label on its own merits who invited these adorable artists to create something really fabulous! All deserve to be praised and usual listeners surely will not be disappointed!

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Another chapter for the new but promising label has been finally opened and this time Welcome Music proudly presents a brand new astonishing EP titled 'ECCENTRIC' ready from now for your speakers and ears! This 2nd installment is featured by tasty sound from following masters like Digital Department, qoob and Embliss! 'Eccentric' starts with the single from well-known dj, producer as well label boss Arseniy Somotov aka Digital Department. The stuff supported by such giants like Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk and many others .His marvelous progressive house original track crafted for us truly mesmerizes during playing may be therefore this one literally leads to the fact this song is going to play over and over again. It's seriously a huge and pure pleasure listen to this one. Tim Brandwijk aka Embliss is a great producer from Holland. He has acquired the fame so quickly thanks to the his own diligence, assertiveness and also early start of his career when his first recording contract was held at the age of just 15. Currently Tim is successfully featured on the top labels: Armada, Anjunadeep,Proton and many others. Embliss remix overfilled with an excellent deep and tight vibe. If you decided check it out, you probably wouldn't stay aside because it tears off at once and takes you to unreal journey. All deepness is fully expressed out here. No doubt, it must fascinate listeners and even the most cranky of them. qoob is a Russian united force from planet Earth like they call themselves. In fact it's the duo where the main man who's been managing this project is Kirill Andreev hailed from Saint-Petersburg and other artist is Eugene Maltsev residing in Yekaterinburg. Guys do not love talking about what they do and prefer when the music speaks for themself. So more likely their music doesn't remain silent and this time. Actually, this delightful release will make you feel better for sure! Which are your favourites? Seems it's time to figure out and then bother download this one while it's enough hot!

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It’s time from now to unleash our 3rd release and present for our listeners another huge dose of new sounds. We bet you did not expect so superb line up like this including great creators who provided hefty tunes. Quite enough to look at tracklist to get a glimpse what is inside of! The EP title stands for action, work or deed. Let’s look at total result has been achieved.

You missed a lot if you do not know who is Alfoa. Aleksey «Alfoa» Loginov is great producer from Russia recognized thanks to his special style along with production he crafts and applies to blow up our speakers. Apart from progressive breaks this man turned his hand to so many different genres like Deep Progressive, Deep House, Progressive House and etc. His greatest weakness…is addiction to collecting vinyl. Alfoa’s single is so solid, delectable progressive sound, pure sonic bliss for the fans and followers, innit?!

The next one is Swedish artist You Are My Salvation .Nowadays he keeps doing great things and his progressive breaks version of Karma sounds perfectly. It takes you on a journey to the undiscovered yet universe that’s why it makes you want listen to this one amazingness over and over. Proper, powerfull progressive breaks! You can personally make sure how far it carries away!

Progress Inn is an esteemed project managed by Serbian guys Igor Kadić & Janko Dragović. The music produced by them has a double aim is to be groovy and deep that their philosophy initially was based on. Guys offer so interesting captivating, mesmerizing and unrepeatable vision of Alfoa’s Karma. In fact This really fantastic remix is vitamin for the soul that also perfectly suits for epic outdoor set!

Ladies and gentleman’s Rasti Tkac is back! Outstanding progressive producer (you can remember him from well-known duo Tkac and Haverlik) and top rated dj from Slovakia who started own path since 1998, pioneer progressive house and trance in Central Europe . Rasti prefers to be driven by perfectionism therefore stuff turns out excellent itself. Here’s so serious work built on massive pulsating bass, deep and delectable vibe!

In short we are highly excited to feature all these talented guys on EP.  All the more reason to check it out and download this tremendous pack of incredible tunes! You have also a chance to hear all our released tunes shortly at the upcoming gig entitled “Welcome Music 9 YEARS”! This huge event scheduled for 27th December is going to be held at venue located in Yekaterinburg. Won’t miss this and you are welcome friends!

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15.05.2015 / The Treasures Keeper